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‘Unprecedented Changes’ Needed in Next 12 Years to Combat Global Warming, UN Warns

Stopping climate change is no longer an option, scientists say. Limiting the damage is.

This is a quote from the UN report that was written at the end of 2018. Scientists have been warning about Global Warming for decades but most of the time our governments have done little to address it. There was also a recent scientific study warning of the collapse of our insect populations which would have a catastrophic effect on our society. Add that the Scientists estimation that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours and you can see the type of planet we have become….

So we have been given a warning. A very stark warning.
A count down no less…..

11 years….. Just 11 years to sort it out, otherwise the damage we have done to our planet will be irreversible.

So what do we do? Do we panic and run to the hills screaming? Do we continue on as normal with the belief there is nothing we can do? Or do we take a deep breath and try and address the problem like grown ups? It’s not really that tough a decision is it? I understand people don’t want to acknowledge the situation because it is so big and seemingly epic to deal with but is sticking your head in the sand going to help?

I remember a friend saying to me “Well I just think we are all fucked so there is no point doing anything?….” This was a man with two young children. He had two kids and he was giving up because he couldn’t be bothered to try and change what might happen. And this was a couple of years ago before we had the recent 12 year report from scientists.

I’m coming from a totally different angle to my friend. If I see a problem I want to look at it and see what I can do to fix it. I don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for something bad to happen to my kids. Remember that old WWII poster with the line “What did you do in the great war daddy?” Well what do we tell our kids and grand kids in 10 years time? “Oh sorry darling, I couldn’t be bothered to change my habits / fly less / stop eating meat / get rid of my 4×4 / protest because I just gave up on the planet the moment I heard bad news. I decided your future wasn’t worth fighting for….” No reasonably minded person is going to choose that option are they. Choose to give up on their children’s future just because they couldn’t be bothered?

Well hopefully the pages within this website might help you.

Help you change your ways and become more environmentally aware of how your actions are effecting the planet.

Help you make educated decisions on what you can do to help make positive changes.

We cannot afford to ignore expert warnings on the risks of climate change any longer. We need to make changes now to our lifestyle. SMALL changes can have a BIG impact if we ALL take them. So it is over to you… Start small, aim high, act NOW and make a change.

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