Dairy Alternatives

Alternatives to dairy

Cutting out dairy is now so much easier than it ever has been.

Non dairy milk varieties are everywhere. From Soya to Hemp there are plenty of choices and options.
Be aware of the nutritional benefits of each when you buy them i.e. oat milk has much less calcium than Soya milk.

You can also start cutting back on dairy just by mixing 50:50 your regular milk with a dairy free version.

Try to avoid Almond milk as there have been recent reports of it being less environmentally friendly. It takes 5 litres of water to produce one almond!

Butter can easily be replaced with dairy free alternatives however, I am yet to find one that doesn’t have the evil palm oil in it unfortunately…

Cheese is also a tough one for many people to give up too (to be honest I find it harder to give up than meat!). There are coconut versions of hard cheese which works well on pizza. Personally I have just cut my cheese consumption right down to maybe once or twice a week.

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