When you are there

So you have made it on holiday – however you chose to get there is behind you now. Now you need to be aware of your actions whilst you are abroad.

People tend to buy a lot of bottles of water when on holiday – whether it’s just because it’s hot or whether it is down to undrinkable water. Either way it’s a lot of plastic bottles being used up when we go away.

I discovered an amazing water filter recently The Grayl. It’s filters basically everything out. Everything. Its amazing. Just Fill it, Plunge it and Drink it from the same container. No disposable plastic bottles needed. I’m sure other companies exist that make something similar but I have never used another brand so can’t recommend them but I know this one works amazingly well.

You can literally drink any water (except sea water)

The other big thing when you are holiday is stuff. Yes it’s my pet hate – stuff.

People like to buy souvenirs to remember / remind / prove they have been somewhere fabulous but think before you buy.

If you are in a country with jungle and native forests beware that what you are buying is not contributing to trees being cut down.

Check if the wooden item is hard wood (hard wood takes years longer to grow) by just pushing your nail into the wood. If it’s a hard wood your nail won’t go in. Everyone want’s hard wood but there is no reason to want it over other quicker grown softer wood. Mahogany takes around 25 years while Ebony take between 60-200 years to fully grow!!

This is made from Coconut wood – fast growing, not from a jungle or forest. A much better choice than other hard woods that are likely to add to deforestation.

So just be aware of the material being used to make the product. Choose Coconut, bamboo, woven and straw items over hard woods.

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