Is it time for your voice to be heard?

Is it time for you to get proactive?

Is it time for you to fight to save our planet?

It’s important that you do something.

We need to be the change. Otherwise it won’t change….

  • If you really don’t feel you can physically get involved in activism you can still support groups who are.
  • Different groups approach the approaching environmental disaster is different ways. I believe all these approaches are necessarily and all have a place in the fight to save our planet. Find the right one for you.
  • If McDonalds have stopped using plastic straws due to public pressure then anything can happen. Never think that the mountain is too big. Give it a go. Things can change if we push…
  • You don’t have to glue your hands to the doors of Shell HQ if you don’t want to. There are many ways to be an activist and to make your voice heard.
  • You can of course support more than one group but check out the list below for ideas…

Groups to support:

  • DIRECT ACTION : Extinction Rebellion (Non violent direct action) and the Sea Shepherd (the eco pirates of the sea) work with direct action to try and bring the fight to the battle lines. Confronting and raising awareness through direct action.
  • POLITICAL : The UK’s Green Party and even Friends of the Earth aim to make changes by working within the political systems to get those in power to make big changes.
  • CHARITIES: Greenpeace works party inside and partly outside of the political system raising awareness by co-ordinating big campaigns and with PR stunts at big events.
  • DO YOUR OWN THING – why not write letters to your MP about the lack of government action? Or write to companies that are using Palm Oil? Pressure them into dropping this product that is destroying our rainforest.
  • Plant trees and flowers – Do some gorilla gardening (unauthorised planting in public areas). We need to cut our carbon emissions but we also urgently need to increase the trees. A man in India single handedly regrew a jungle over years of dedication. Amazing what one person can achieve when they set their mind to it.
  • Beach cleans – Local Brighton group like The Grab get communities together. Find a local one or start your own like this one.
  • River Cleans – Amazing work by Active360 – these guys trying to clean up the Thames :  InTheDrink and are starting to make a real difference. Join them or clean up your own local rivers. Most rubbish in a river will end up in the sea so stop it before it gets there…
  • Make you community single use plastic free – S.A.S provide all the tools you need to start your own campaign.


Just do something – NOW

Join the Rebellion @ Extinction Rebellion has local groups using non violent direct action with groups around the country. This group is amazing. So much passion and commitment. A huge international network of local groups all working on their own to bring about a bigger change together. If the government won’t make changes then it is time to rebel until they listen. Rebel 4 Life…


There are all kinds of groups out there for you to join depending on what you want to do.

Just do something – NOW because tomorrow is too late.

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